How much time should I allow before my flight?
Departing passengers are advised to arrive at the airport 01 to 02 hours (for Domestic Flights) and 04 hours (for International Flights) prior to the scheduled time of departure of the flight. Check with your airline before you fly.

Are Meeters / Greeters are allowed at Airport premises?
Yes! Meeters / Greeters are allowed at Airport premises. However, due to space constraints in the Terminal building only one meeter/greeter will be allowed to receive / see-off a passenger through the pedestrian gate.

How do I check in?
There are a few ways to check in at BBIAP:

  • With airline staff at a traditional check-in counter
  • Web-based and mobile check-in which is recommended for a streamlined experience (subject to airline availability)
For more information please contact respective airline.

Which types of health / vaccination certificate are required for international departure?
Polio vaccination certificate is required for passenger departing from Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

Can, I get a Polio vaccination certificate at the airport?
Yes! You can get a Polio vaccination certificate from Airport Health Office at International Departure Lounge.

Is prayer area available at BBIAP Islamabad?
Separate prayer areas are available for both male and female. In addition to CAA Mosque is also available near parking area for passengers and meeters / greeters.

How to provide feedback or lodge complaint regarding airport services and facilities?
You can provide feedback or complaint regarding airport services and facilities. For more information visit the Feedback and Complaint page.

How to reclaim my baggage?
You can reclaim you baggage by contacting respective airline. For more information visit Baggage reclaim page.

How can I get updated flight information?
You can get updated flight information from BBIAP website. If you are at the airport, Flight Information Display board shows updated information. You can also contact flight inquiry counter for more information.

How many bags may I check-in and carry onto my aircraft? Or whom do I contact?
Generally two pieces of baggage are allowed for international travel, with the total weight not exceeding 20kg. However, this may vary by airline and fare type. Check with your airline before you fly.

What items are not permitted to carry on board in my checked baggage?
Please refuse to carry any items as follows.

  • Heroin, Drugs, Narcotics other intoxicating agents
  • Currency more than Rs. 3000/- or US $ 10,000/- or equivalent foreign currency.
  • Antiques
  • Intellectual Property Right infringements and infringed CDs
  • Firearms, ammunition and Explosives
  • Endangered Wild Life Species, Fauna and Flora as protected under the Wild Life Act and Cites
  • Counterfeit currency and counterfeit products
  • For more information please visit Custom /FBR Website: http://www.fbr.gov.pk

Does BBIAP Islamabad have Wireless Internet?
Yes! Free Wireless Internet (WiFi) is available in lounges. To connect your device:

  • Enable Wi-Fi on your device
  • Select "Wateen-Free-Wi-Fi" from the network list
  • Launch your Internet browser and enjoy.

What are the parking rates?
For airport parking information, please visit our Car parking pages.

How do I get To/From BBIAP?
There are numerous ways to get To/From, BBIAP Islamabad. You can get To / From information from BBIAP Website.

  1. Airport Access
  2. By Taxi
  3. By Bus / Van
  4. Guidelines for Passengers
  5. Car Parking & Charges

I've lost something. What is the number for the Lost and Found?
Please contact us at Contact: 051-9031281 for items lost at lounges, briefing area or concourse hall. If you have left something on the aircraft of any other airline, please contact that airline directly. For airline contact information, please see our Airline Dictionary at our Website.

Does the airport offer smoking areas?
Smoking is prohibited at all Airports and all Public places.

Is protocol services are available?
Protocol services are also available at the airport on 24 x 7 basis. You can contact for protocol Contact at 051-9031246 or Cell No. 0321-8514097. For more information about protocol service please visit Services and Facilities page.

Are porter services available?
Yes! Porter services are available at the airport. Please see the Porter Services page for more information. You can also contact CAA Facilitation Desk.

Is wheelchairs assistance available?
Yes! Wheelchairs are available at the Airport. Contact with your airline for further support.

Are baggage trolleys available at BBIAP Islamabad?
Complimentary Baggage trolleys available to passengers at free of cost.

Does BBIAP Islamabad have a post office?
Yes! Pakistan Post Office is available at the BBIAP Islamabad, adjacent to the CAA Mosque.

What is the timing of Duty Free shopping?
Duty Free Shops are also available 24-hours at BBIAP Islamabad. For more information please visit Duty Free Shopping page.

Are there Taxi / Car rentals available onsite?
Yes! There are Taxi / Car rental services available at BBIAP Islamabad. For more information, see our To/From Airport page.

Where can I find the Cargo Terminal?
Cargo Complex is available at BBIAP Islamabad. For more information and the map to our cargo areas please visit our Cargo Services page.
If you are shipping items by air, or are expecting a shipment please contact the airline and/or freight forwarder located at either facility.

How can I book hotel in Islamabad / Rawalpindi?
Yes! BBIAP Islamabad has numerous hotels booking counter. You can also contact for hotel booking by visiting our Hotels Info Page.

Are pets allowed in the terminals?
Sorry, pets are not permitted inside any terminal buildings.

Do you have ATMs or banking services at the airport?
Yes. Banking services are available (during working hours) at the BBIAP Islamabad. ATMs are also available. For detail information please visit Banks Info Page.

Will restaurants and dining shops open 24-hour restaurants?
Rawal Restaurant and dining shops are open 24-hour to facilitate the passengers. For more information, visit our Food and Beverages Page.

Is there any shop for Cell Phones, SIM cards and mobile recharge card?
Shop for Cell phones, SIM cards and mobile recharge cards are also available. For information please visit Shops Info Page at the BBIAP website.